True change cannot occur unless a new way of thinking is realized.

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Witness a paradigm shift in the auto industry, as we define what an operating platform should be and how it benefits organizations and consumers.

Discover the new way of thinking, operating, and innovating that will transcend the traditional limitations dealers experienced for decades.

A new way of thinking

Why have your tools merely talk to each other, when they can share the same brain?

Today, fragmented data from disparate technologies creates translation barriers – leaving your team and customers with a lackluster experience.

Unlock the harmonious flow of Automotive Retail Cloud. Much like a brain webs through the body via a network of nerves, ARC gathers data across your business in real-time and sends out reflexes to its extremities in synchrony.

A new way of innovating

Just like a brain evolves and shapes new pathways, your platform becomes smarter with every input.

Whether you’re preparing for the EV revolution or adding more rooftops, our cloud-native platform is uniquely positioned to help you level up.

Just like your brain is shaping new pathways with every thought, the platform is ever-evolving. With the power of AI, your data becomes exponentially stronger over time, and with continuous upgrades pushed over-the-air, the latest innovation is always in front of you.

A new way of operating

Unifying your business into a single source of truth to unleash your genius.

Tap into unprecedented cross-departmental visibility and streamlined workflows on ARC’s mobile-friendly and intuitive interface. Freeing up you and your staff to focus on human connection.

We challenged the status quo on partnership by offering world-class, 24/7 support with 30-day cancellation. And bring an open-minded approach to data and integrations through free and secure access via APIs.

Let's transcend limitations together

Meet Tekion at NADA

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Jessie Dosanjh

President, California Automotive Retailing Group

Our CSI went up tremendously... directly as a result of the customer experience and the ease of check-in and engagement that the Tekion platform provides. Tekion’s innovation goes far beyond the employee engagement. It has really allowed our employees to focus on the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your booth?

We’re Booth #2233 in Hall C. Visit our Find Us at the Show page for more info and details on our in booth presentations.

What OEMs are you integrated with?

We work with all major OEMs and the depth of our integrations is continuously increasing. Book a demo to learn more about your specific brands.

What is Tekion’s support model?

Tekion offers 24/7/365 technical support via phone, chat and email. In addition, you’ll have a dedicated Partner Success Manager (PSM) assigned to your dealership. The PSM will work with you on a regular basis to help maximize utilization of the technology and improve dealership processes.

How soon can I install if I sign up today?

From the time you sign an agreement, Tekion can implement ARC in as little as 90-120 days. However, there are factors to consider like our current implementation calendar and the complexity of your unique operation. Our team will work with you to schedule an install date that works best for everyone.

Is it true you don't lock dealers into long-term contracts?

It is! We believe if we aren't earning your business everyday, we don't deserve it. You are free to leave your agreement any time with just a 30-day cancellation notice.