Digital Service Experience

Introducing a Dealership Service Solution that finally exceeds expectations!
Customer Scheduling
Simple. Intuitive. Convenient.

Simple, mobile friendly 2-click bookings, integrated OEM menus, and service recommendations driven by machine learning will delight your customers and fill your service lanes.

General Manager Dublin INFINITI
“The Tekion solution has greatly improved our customer experience at Dublin INFINITI. Customers have been extremely pleased with the personalized touch and proactive nature of our communications. This is what service at a dealership should be: personal, efficient, and most of all, modern. Tekion has changed our service experience.”
Digital Service Lane
Personal. Efficient. Transparent.

Know your customer and engage in a structured, yet simple check-in process with data driven recommendations that makes customers feel valued, educated about the services they need and allow them to get on with their busy day.

Former Managing Partner of Toyota Marin
“Tekion is a company to watch! We will finally have a great solution that brings together the entire dealership operations ecosystem.”
Connected Vehicle
Personal. Efficient. Transparent.

Service advisors have real-time information on where the vehicle is at the dealership, status of each job, status of each recommendation and get notified on important events.

Service Director, CA Car Group
"We’re building better relationships with customers, increasing trust, and driving revenue."
Connected Customer
Informed. Effortless. Connected.

Share automated real-time status updates with customers via their own unique service portal, allowing them to track and manage their vehicle’s service experience. Increase customer trust and comfort with digital technician recommendations and allow them to authorize work with a simple tap of their finger.

Online or in-store, take integrated credit payments to streamline the check-out process.

Service Insights
Intelligent. Intuitive. Actionable.

Spending too much time extracting data and trying to make sense of it? It’s your data and your business – use it to your advantage.

Get to the bottom of your dealership operations with easy to use, customizable analytics and actionable machine learning recommendations that will optimize your operations and increase your profits.

The Tekion Digital Service Experience is just the beginning… To learn more about how we’re going to disrupt the status quo in automotive retail, request a demo and keep an eye on this space.
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