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The automotive retail universe is vast and dynamic, with dealerships and businesses scattered far and wide. In this stellar expanse, Tekion has emerged as a powerful gravitational force drawing all within its orbit towards sophisticated interconnection.

Embrace the Gravity of Change

In an ever-evolving industry, adaptation is the key to survival. Tekion's gravitational pull can be your guiding force in navigating the complexities of new-age automotive retail, drawing you nearer to surpassing expectations. Embrace the gravity of change and embark on a journey that promises to elevate your dealership to new heights.

Unleash The Tekion Effect

Much like how gravitational force increases as you approach, the closer you are to Tekion in the auto retail universe, the more profound the impact on the velocity of your business operations. Our cutting-edge solutions act as a force multiplier, propelling your dealership into a new dimension of speed, efficiency and modernized consumer experience.

Navigating the Cosmic Shift

Join us at NADA as we unveil the incredible power of Tekion. Explore how our innovative technologies and solutions can place your operation at the heart of this cosmic transformation, where speed and innovation converge to redefine what's possible in automotive retail.

Meet Tekion at NADA

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Tekion gives us the tools to be more efficient at our processes and give the customers a better experience.

Doug Eroh, President, Penske Motor Group

Doug Eroh

President, Penske Motor Group

It adds up to at least $3000, probably closer to $5000, in savings a month.

Charlie Burns, Dealer Principal,
 Burns Chevrolet of Gaffney

Charlie Burns

Dealer Principal, Burns Chevrolet of Gaffney

Tekion allows us to reduce the amount of applications we work with consistently on a daily basis from about a thousand into just a handful.

Finley Ewing IV, Vice President,
 Ewing Automotive Group

Finley Ewing IV

Vice President, Ewing Automotive Group

It’s definitely a major advantage in the marketplace.

Stephen Cornelius, President,
 American Motors Group

Stephen Cornelius

President, American Motors Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your booth?

Find us near the entrance of the West Hall at booths 3701W and 3601W. Learn more about our exciting booth stage schedule here.

What OEMs are you integrated with?

We work with all major OEMs and the depth of our integrations is continuously increasing. Book a demo to learn more about your specific brands.

What is Tekion’s support model?

Our Dealer Partners’ success is paramount to ours and we take it very seriously. We provide 24/7/365 support via chat, email and phone from Tekion employees. In addition, you will have access to the Partner Success Team to help you maximize the benefits of the platform.

Are you truly leveraging AI or is it just marketing hyperbole?

Tekion's founding team comes from true tech lineage with experience at companies like VMware, Oracle and Tesla. The team that's been strategically assembled has the knowledge, capabilities, and experience to deliver and support true Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that are built into the technology from the start. Tekion's AI algorithms assist dealers in many ways with more coming soon on the roadmap. In addition, Tekion has 17 patents (with many more pending), many of which are specific to AI.

Is it true you don't lock dealers into long-term contracts?

It is! We believe if we aren't earning your business everyday, we don't deserve it. You are free to leave your agreement any time with just a 30-day cancellation notice.