AI/ML: Possibilities that are truly endless

Together AI and ML allow you to accomplish more in less time, so you can master strategies and relationships (aka “the human tasks”).

Team Tekion

Jun 10, 2022

The terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) seem to be everywhere, but what are they, and how do they benefit you? 

At its core, AI is a journey that begins with data. ML is a subset of AI that uses that data to learn for you. The more data that is analyzed, the better you can predict desired outcomes, like how to serve consumers. Together, AI and ML take on not only repetitive tasks, but also intelligent tasks, like extracting and sorting through data, allowing you to accomplish more in less time so you can master strategies and relationships (aka “the human tasks”). 

Tekion has leveraged AI and ML to benefit you in three primary ways:  

  • Improving Consumer Experience 

Communications with consumers are automatically analyzed to detect sentiment so you can resolve issues fast and create targeted marketing campaigns. 

  • Increasing Revenue  

ML provides recommendations when consumers book appointments online, resulting in accessory cross-selling and service and F&I upselling. 

  • Making Processes More Efficient  

Virtual assistant chatbots allow consumers to receive immediate answers to online queries, alleviating monotonous tasks and freeing up your time for more strategic efforts. 

When AI and ML are built into a system, your data becomes exponentially stronger over time. With Tekion constantly innovating and finding new ways to leverage AI/ML, the possibilities are truly endless for the first time in automotive retail.  

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