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Revolutionary CRM by Tekion's Automotive Retail Cloud

A seamless extension of your DMS

Break down barriers of siloed data and multiple sign-ons by having a CRM that is a seamless extension of all operational systems. Turn your prospects to customers quickly and confidently, with a few clicks.

CRM is seamlessly connected with DMS

Customer data is kept synced in real-time and clean. As the data grows our Machine Learning (ML) models that are part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine learns and increases the value for you exponentially over time.

Track lifetime household value

Automotive Retail Cloud CRM tracks the lifetime value of each customer’s entire household. This provides actionable data for prioritizing tasks, invaluable insight into CSI trends, and an overall better understanding of holistic customer relationships across your group, a retail location or by department in a location.

Track lifetime household value

Score buyer sentiment

Advanced Machine Learning analyzes communications with customers, detecting their sentiment and indicating their likelihood to close.

Detect buyer sentiment via Tekion CRM

Improve visibility and automate lead processes

Simplified rules engine

A drag-and-drop, flowchart-style rules engine makes it simple to visualize, alter and automate your lead flow processes.

Real-time reporting

Get insights on how your processes are working with our real-time reporting and customizable dashboards by user.

Smart suggestions

AI-driven smart suggestions will alert your team to leads that need immediate attention.

Complete customer view

Full 360-degree visibility into all customer interactions allowing total lead process breakdown from creation to close.

Automotive Retail Cloud CRM mobile app by Tekion

Auto-segment customers for service marketing

Automotive Retail Cloud CRM Mobile app
Advanced campaign functionality

Easily create targeted lists and market to those customers right from ARC.

Target marketing efforts

ARC CRM automatically scores your customers' service readiness so you can target individuals and households with a high likelihood to come back for service in the next 30 days.

Automotive Retail Cloud mobile CRM

Enrich customer communications

Communicate via the channels preferred by your customers, all directly within their unique record.

Add even more value for your customers by recording and sharing personalized video messages within ARC CRM.

Enriched media in customer communications
Easy task management

Our powerful AI engine will recognize when a customer mentions a time they’d like to stop by your dealership in any of your communications, and you can schedule and set their appointment with a click of a button.

Advanced campaign functionality allows for scheduling and execution of mass outbound phone, email and text campaigns directly in ARC, for both Service and Sales.

Advanced campaign functionality

Help govern database integrity

AI automates the repetitive work of recognizing and merging duplicates by email, phone number and physical address - so your team can focus on what matters.

A seamless experience starts from clean data.

Govern database integrity