Corpay Joins the Tekion Strategic Partner Program to Enhance Vendor Payment Processes for Auto Dealers

Partnership provides seamless payment automation solution within the Automotive Retail Cloud platform, prioritizing efficiency and ecosystem support

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Jun 5, 2024

Corpay Joins the Tekion Strategic Partner Program to Enhance Vendor Payment Processes for Auto Dealers

PLEASANTON, CA. – (June 6, 2024) - Tekion, innovator of the first cloud-native platform serving the entire automotive retail ecosystem, today announced that Corpay, a leading provider of intelligent corporate payment solutions, has joined Tekion’s Automotive Partner Cloud (APC) Strategic Partner Program. This partnership delivers a streamlined automated payment solution directly integrated into the Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) platform, enhancing efficiency and ecosystem support for dealerships.  

Tekion dealer partners already enjoy simplified daily transactions and reconciliation processes within the ARC DMS Accounting module. With the integration of Corpay Payments Automation, dealerships now have additional options to consolidate their vendor payment processes, offering mutual dealer customers the opportunity to optimize their workflows through direct electronic payments. 

“This partnership exemplifies Tekion's commitment to providing innovative solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate the automotive retail experience," says Bill Kennedy, Business Development Director at Tekion. "Incorporating Corpay’s payment solution further exemplifies Tekion’s commitment to empowering dealers with choice and flexibility in their operations, in alignment with Tekion’s vision of an open ecosystem.”

"We're excited about teaming up with Tekion," says Caleb Jenkins, Corpay's Manager of Business Development. "Our integration within the Tekion platform simplifies payment processing for dealerships nationwide. It streamlines processes, reduces costs, and allows dealers to focus on delivering great customer experiences."

This partnership underscores Tekion's mission to modernize the automotive retail journey, improve consumer experiences, and bring the highest efficiencies to dealerships through its cutting-edge ARC platform. Tekion’s APC is tailored for approved and certified organizations partnering with Tekion dealers and OEMs. APC focuses on driving innovation and efficiency through seamless connectivity to make data sharing faster and easier than ever. For more information, visit

About Corpay

Corpay (NYSE: CPAY) is a global S&P 500 corporate payments company that helps businesses and consumers manage and pay expenses in a simple, controlled manner. Corpay’s suite of modern payment solutions help its customers better manage vehicle-related expenses (e.g. fueling and parking), travel expenses (e.g. hotel bookings) and accounts payable (e.g. paying vendors). This results in our customers saving time and ultimately spending less. Corpay – Payments made easy. To learn more visit

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