Automotive News on Tekion's Automotive Retail solutions

Tekion rolls out CRM, Digital Retail Solution/Automotive Enterprise Cloud, and Automotive Partner Cloud

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Apr 15, 2022

Automotive News on Tekion's Automotive Retail solutions

Dealership management system startup Tekion has expanded its product lineup, launching new extensions of Automotive Retail Cloud, the company’s flagship.

Tekion ARC CRM offers dealerships simplified workflows, alerts that allow employees to interact in real time with customer leads, information about customers who may be more likely to purchase a vehicle, data analysis, and advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms that make that data more powerful over time.

CEO, Jay Vijayan said of Tekion’s Digital Retail Solution (DRS) and Automotive Enterprise Cloud, “So using our platform, it doesn't matter where the consumer starts the process, where they end the process. It is a seamless process because it's one platform. There's no reentry of data. As you know today, that's a problem.”

He added, “Automotive Enterprise Cloud is giving a digital presence and digital platform for large OEM partners, and large enterprise partners.”

Vijayan also explained, “Partner Cloud is a very, very important strategic launch for us. Now a partner can go sign up themselves and immediately get access to all of our API specifications.”

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