Tech Company Brings Connected Digital Experience To Automotive Retail

Tekion is a cloud-built platform with advanced machine learning and AI capabilities for a personalized and seamless consumer experience

Team Tekion

Nov 27, 2020

Tech Company Brings Connected Digital Experience To Automotive Retail

San Ramon, CA, January 10, 2019 – Tekion, a technology provider that delivers the most modern cloud platform available, announced today their entrance into the automotive retail space. Tekion has spent the last two years developing technology with the mission to simplify business applications for its users. Boasting cutting-edge technologies like big data, machine learning/AI, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) involving voice, touch, vision, sensors, and the IoT, Tekion is modernizing automotive retail and creating best-in-class, seamlessly integrated experiences that connect OEMs, dealers, and consumers better than ever before.

Tekion comes to the market with its digital Service Experience (dSE) platform. dSE is the only end-to-end digital technology for both consumers and dealership personnel that connects the entire service experience from appointment scheduling to payment and everything in-between. “Consumers are experiencing more advanced services and transactions outside the auto industry,” said Napoleon Rumteen, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Tekion. “Through dSE, consumers can look forward to Amazon-like machine learning capabilities, incredibly fast check-ins, real-time updates, a personalized interface, and easy online payment options.” Rumteen elaborates, “Concurrently, dealers will benefit with greater efficiency and profitability using our platform. dSE’s mobile interface reduces customer wait times and through machine learning, suggests upsells on parts and services that are most relevant and make sense to their customers.”

Tekion is funded by some of the world’s best financial and most relevant strategic investment firms from both the tech and automotive space namely, Index Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Alliance Ventures, Storm Ventures, AME Ventures, Exor, and Airbus Ventures. The Tekion team is delighted about the support from these great financial VCs and strategic partners that solidify Tekion’s purpose in simplifying and modernizing automotive retail.

About Tekion

Tekion is a cloud-built platform delivering business applications that are simple, fun, cool, and inherent with advanced machine learning/ AI and Human-Computer Interaction (voice, touch, vision, sensors, and IoT) capabilities for personalized and seamless consumer experience. Tekion is currently focused on delivering applications and solutions for automotive OEMs and dealers that believe in transforming the automotive retail experience. Born in California’s Silicon Valley, Tekion employs over 150 innovators globally. For more information, visit

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