Tekion Launches Automotive Retail Zero-Contact Sales and Service

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Nov 27, 2020

Tekion Launches Automotive Retail Zero-Contact Sales and Service

San Ramon, CA, July 28, 2020 – Tekion, a technology company, announced today the launch of its latest innovative consumer-facing products for dealers, Zero-Contact Digital Sales, and Service. These proprietary applications are part of Tekion’s Automotive Retail Cloud, the first and fastest cloud-native retail operating platform that seamlessly connects all aspects of the automotive retail journey. “Tekion’s Zero-Contact products enable dealers and manufacturers to sell and service vehicles in the most simple, secure, and contact-free way while providing great experiences to their customers.“, said Jay Vijayan, Founder, and CEO of Tekion.

Zero-Contact Digital Sales facilitates vehicle sales from anywhere. Dealers interact with consumers securely online to collaborate and work payments in real-time. Consumers can choose how to shop and buy based on vehicle selection or budget. They can digitally sign and send documentation, place a deposit online, and receive their new vehicle at their door. The entire process is seamless and contactless. For the dealer, the process is smooth and streamlined since it’s part of their operating platform with greater visibility and advanced analytics. Payment calculations are consistent throughout and all the information is in one place, allowing for better efficiencies. “We’ve definitely sold more cars since implementing Tekion’s Zero-Contact Digital Sales. We are able to expand our addressable market now that physical location is no longer a factor. Our customers feel safe, in control and our sales staff find it easier to work deals. We even sold and delivered a car 400 miles away!”, said Michael Winding, Dealer Principal of Gilroy Buick GMC in California.

Zero-Contact Service features two contactless options. The first option, Premium Concierge, empowers dealers to offer their customers vehicle service 100% remotely with zero contact. The second option, Secure Key Lounge, is a personalized in-store self-check-in, key drop, and pick up experience. Rhonda Jensen, General Manager of Bowman Chevrolet in Michigan stated, “The customer feedback has been phenomenal since implementing Tekion’s Zero-Contact Premium Concierge and Secure Key Lounge in our service department. One of our customers shared, ‘It was the best experience! The dealership kept me informed about what they were doing, and the best part is I didn’t have to miss work or put my grandma at risk during the pandemic.’ Another stated, ‘Everything was so easy from booking my appointment online to viewing my invoice. Thank you!’.

In addition to providing the best consumer experience and satisfaction, Tekion’s Zero-Contact Digital Sales and Service enables dealers to sell more and be more profitable. Data from early adopting dealerships show Zero-Contact deals have a 50% higher gross revenue than traditional deals in Variable Operations. In Fixed Operations, Zero-Contact Premium Concierge RO totals are 38.3% higher in revenue than other RO totals. To learn more about Zero-Contact Digital Sales and Service, visit Tekion.

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Tekion provides the world’s best business applications on the cloud and is currently focused on transforming the automotive industry. Its cloud-native platform brings the entire consumer, and OEM-Dealer ecosystem together by seamlessly connecting every part of the automotive retail journey through its comprehensive Automotive Retail Cloud. Tekion inherently uses cutting-edge technologies to bring modern consumer experiences to life including IoT and ML/AI. Born in California’s Silicon Valley, Tekion employs over 300 innovators globally. For more information visit

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