Unleashing human potential and Tekion’s approach to efficiency

Streamlining your business is only the start - Tekion empowers you to customize experiences for your staff, your partners and your customers

Brian Mitchell

Sep 29, 2023

Unleashing human potential and Tekion’s approach to efficiency

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern automotive retail, customization has emerged as a game-changer. At Tekion, we passionately believe that our technology is at the forefront of this transformation, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies in the automotive retail process. Our goal is to provide solutions that empower you and your teams to devise the best processes and workflows for your business, not hinder you with rigid solutions that require you to create “workarounds.” Let’s explore how Tekion's innovative approach empowers our Dealer Partners to harness the full potential of their human teams, revolutionizing the way automotive businesses operate.

Tailored Processes: Every business is distinct, with its own set of challenges, goals, and operational nuances. Technology that enables customization allows organizations to tailor processes to their specific requirements. This approach ensures that the processes implemented are not just a fit but an ideal match for the business's unique circumstances. Your technology providers should understand that processes and experiences are crafted by the businesses they serve, not by them.

“Tekion has provided a significant level of technological enhancement and usability, not only to enhance the employee experience, but also the customer experience. From an employee perspective, it’s an intuitive tool that leverages the latest cloud-based technologies and it enables us to really focus on the customer instead of navigating through your typical DMS with additional plug-ins.” - Jessie Dosanjh, President, California Auto Group

Improved Efficiency: Efficiency is the cornerstone of any successful operation. Configurable technology enables businesses to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and optimize processes that are specific to their operations. By aligning tools and systems with their operational needs, employees can work more effectively, ultimately leading to increased productivity and resource optimization.

By digitizing most of their end-to-end service process with Tekion technology, American Motors Group was able to reduce their unapplied time from around 200 hours per month, to a mere 5 hours.

Enhanced User Experience: Whether it's for staff, partners, or customers, customized experiences result in more user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. Users can interact with systems and products in a way that feels familiar and comfortable. This reduces the learning curve, increases user satisfaction, and fosters positive relationships.

“ARC is very intuitive, and the learning curve is short. Our employees picked it up really fast. There was no typical banter about this. New DMS is difficult, but this transition was easy for new employees and the transition for current employees was seamless.” - Walt Massey, President, Walt Massey Automotive Group

Competitive Advantage: Businesses that offer customized experiences gain a competitive edge. They can differentiate themselves in the market by providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of their customers. This not only leads to increased customer loyalty but also boosts market share, positioning the business as a market leader.

“This market is ferocious, right? And those who harness that and pull that together to mutually sell cars are going to win.” - Michael Bowsher, CEO, Carl Black Automotive Group

Personalization: Personalization is particularly crucial in customer-facing industries. Customization allows businesses to tailor products or services to individual preferences and needs. This level of personalization can lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and stronger brand loyalty.

Tekion’s GPT feature within its CRM, Smart Communication, has the capability to automatically create emails based on analysis of email and text messages. One Tekion Dealer Partner leveraged the feature in 75% of all sales emails sent in a one-month period.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Scalable, cloud native solutions are inherently flexible and adaptable. They can evolve in tandem with the changing needs of the business or the market. This agility is vital for staying relevant and responsive in an ever-shifting business environment.

“Cloud computing allows companies and the groups within them to work iteratively and with more agility. Cloud culture has changed how businesses operate, making them better able to react quickly and intelligently to micro and macro changes.” (Brue, 2023, para. 6)

Data-Driven Decision Making: Customized experiences are driven by robust data collection and analytics capabilities. This data is used to make informed decisions, track performance, and identify opportunities for improvement in processes and workflows. In a data-driven world, customization empowers businesses with valuable insights.

62% of retailers report that the use of information and analytics is creating a competitive advantage for their organization. (IBM)

Engagement and Empowerment: Customization empowers users, be they employees, partners, or customers. It gives them a sense of control and ownership over their experiences, which, in turn, leads to higher engagement and satisfaction. Empowered users are more likely to become brand advocates.

For 86%, a good experience turns one-time clients into long-term brand champions. (Khoros)

Cost Efficiency: While customization may require an initial investment, it can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Systems that allow customizable experiences and processes are designed to be efficient and eliminate unnecessary steps, reducing operational costs and improving the bottom line.

“We’re able to see our expenses so much clearer on Tekion than we were before. Things we may have wasted money on for 3 to 4 months in the past are things we can catch within a month.” Charlie Burns, Dealer Principal, Burns Chevrolet of Gaffney

In a world where one size rarely fits all, customization emerges as the key to unlocking potential, efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. It's not just a luxury; it's a necessity for businesses aiming to thrive and stay competitive in today's dynamic marketplace. As exemplified by Tekion and its commitment to empowering businesses, customization is the bridge that leads to more efficient operations, improved user satisfaction, and a definitive competitive edge. It's the future of automotive retail, and those who embrace it are poised for success.

References: Brue, Melody (2023). Cloud Culture and the IT Shift: From Control to Collaboration. Forbes.
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