UVeye and Tekion partner to enhance dealership customer service

UVeye joins with Tekion to integrate automated vehicle-inspection systems with the latest artificial intelligence-powered Automotive Retail Cloud. General Motors dealership network will be the first to utilize the Tekion integration.

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Aug 17, 2022

UVeye and Tekion partner to enhance dealership customer service

DETROIT, Aug. 17, 2022 – UVeye is integrating its advanced vehicle-inspection systems with Tekion's end-to-end cloud-native platform, Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC).

The two technology companies are joining forces following UVeye's recent collaboration with General Motors. The collaborative effort will enable dealers that utilize Tekion's ARC to benefit from the seamless integration of UVeye systems.

"Our partnership with Tekion is just one of many steps UVeye is taking to improve and revolutionize the customer-service experience at dealerships through unprecedented levels of transparency," says Amir Hever, the company's CEO and co-founder.

By combining UVeye's AI-powered vehicle scanning devices with Tekion's innovative cloud-native software, service customers and dealership employees will be able to receive comprehensive vehicle-condition reports instantaneously. The reports are designed to provide clarity and enhance the customer-service experience by helping users decide on the best service solutions possible.

Customers simply can drive through UVeye scanning units at the entrance of the dealership service department. Detailed reports then are delivered via text message, email or through Tekion's personalized consumer portal in ARC. Not only can the reports eliminate guesswork, but they also build customer trust through transparency.

Carl Black Chevrolet, Buick, GMC of Kennesaw, Georgia, is the first GM dealer to integrate UVeye's advanced vehicle-inspection systems with Tekion's game-changing Automotive Retail Cloud.

"We're incredibly excited to be collaborating with Tekion to provide an extraordinary experience for dealership customers across the country in the coming months," notes Hever. "With our integration into Tekion's ARC, GM customers and dealerships now can benefit from stronger and more transparent relationships from the data we provide both parties. It's a win-win for everyone."

The UVeye product suite includes three AI-driven systems that can detect mechanical issues such as fluid leaks and component and body damage as well as missing parts or modifications. They also can measure tire-tread depth, detect uneven wear and read sidewall information.

UVeye systems then summarize tire, underbody and exterior inspection data into a single detailed vehicle-condition report that instantly can be relayed to both customers and dealership service personnel.

"We look forward to working with UVeye to deliver a seamless and superior experience to consumers during their vehicle service experience," says Jay Vijayan, CEO and founder of Tekion. "Through this collaboration, consumers can access important safety data about their vehicle and in turn, dealers are improving efficiency and providing added value to their guests. This is another step in modernizing automotive retail."

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