Zero-Contact Digital
Sales & Service
Facilitate vehicle sales and service from anywhere

Go beyond Digital

Provide a connected retail experience from anywhere with Tekion’s Zero-Contact Digital Sales. Seamlessly integrated with Automotive Retail Cloud, transact an entire deal online with accurate payment information throughout.

Re-imagine automotive retail by providing consumers a modern approach to car buying in a fully transparent, safe and convenient environment.

Communicate with ease from any device at any time

Collaborate on payments in real time

Participate in live online sessions from the comfort of anywhere

Sign and send documentation virtually. Place an online deposit.

Transform your Fixed

Tekion delivers a new way of getting things done with two Zero-Contact Service experiences. Go 100% remote with Premium Concierge. Provide an in-store, zero-contact drop off and pick up option with Secure Key Lounge.

Increase profitability, improve CSI and enhance loyalty with unparalleled consumer experience.

Premium Concierge

Vehicle Service from anywhere

100% remote service pick up from anywhere

Service status + updates tracked from personal portal

Online status updates, approvals and payments

Vehicle delivered at consumer’s door

Contactless self check-in and pick up

Self Check-In

Easy and secure vehicle and key drop off from a phone.


Sign estimates, track vehicle statuses, review, approve and pay online.

Secure Key Lounge

Keys are stored safely in a locker that’s easy to unlock for fast and easy drop off and pick up.

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