Your trust is important to us. That’s why we incorporate the following privacy principles in our business and products

Privacy by Design

Our products are built from the ground up and integrate privacy into their design and functionality.

Data Minimization

Our products are designed to collect only what you need from your customers.


We are transparent about how we use your data, and in turn, design
our products so that you can be transparent with your customers.


We implement reasonable safeguards in our products to
protect your data from loss and unauthorized use and disclosure.


Our products give you control over your and your customers' data.

Please see below for more information on how
privacy impacts our business, products, and choices

Frequently Asked Questions

What personal information does Tekion collect?

We collect and receive personal information primarily through our customers and their authorized partners. Please review our privacy notice to learn more about what personal information we collect and how it is used.

Does Tekion sell or share personal information to third parties?

Tekion does not sell or share personal information to third parties. As a service provider to our dealer partners and OEMs, we use personal information to provide our products and services to our customers (e.g., providing our dealer management system). Our commitment to not share or sell personal information from our customers is reflected in our Data Processing Addendum, which is part of our customer agreements.

Does Tekion engage any Processors/Sub-processors?

Yes, we use sub-processors to provide our service. You can find the current list of our sub-processors, including their location and type of service they provide to us, here. You can also subscribe to receive email notifications of any changes to our sub-processor list on the same page.

Does Tekion provide a mechanism for individuals to exercise their privacy rights?

Yes, please see our privacy notice to learn more about what privacy rights are available to individuals based on their location. You can also contact to exercise your privacy rights.

Our customers may use our built-in functionality to exercise their customers’ privacy rights. Please reach out to your Tekion solutions specialist if you need more information about how to use these features.

How long does Tekion retain my data? What happens if I stop using the service?

Tekion customers retain full control of their uploaded data and may delete it at any time during their subscription term by writing to Tekion Customer Support. The default setting in our platform is to hold data indefinitely; however, customers may configure our platform to set retention periods based on business needs.

We also automatically delete customer data thirty (30) days after a customer terminates our services (except in limited circumstances where we have a legal obligation to hold the data longer, in which case we will delete the data as soon as that obligation ends).

How does Tekion handle cross-border data transfers?

Tekion is a fully cloud based service hosted on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. These private cloud instances are in the US and Europe.

For our US and Canadian customers, your data is by default stored in AWS and/or Azure’s US servers.

For our European customers, your data is by default stored in AWS Ireland and/or Azure France’s servers.

To support delivery of our services, we may engage sub-processors. A current list of sub-processors for the services, including the identities of those sub-processors and their country of location, is accessible here.

To the extent that our sub-processors, including our support and development teams globally, need to access your data, our Data Processing Addendum and the European Union’s Model Clauses (Standard Contractual Clauses) ensure that your data is transferred in compliance with applicable privacy legislation, including GDPR and Canadian provincial and federal law.

How will Tekion notify me if a data breach or security incident compromises my data?

Security incidents and data breaches are unfortunately a very real risk for any business. Per our Data Processing Addendum, we will notify you as soon as possible of any data breach or security incidents, and within any notification periods under applicable law. That way, you can meet your legal obligations, if any, to notify your customers.

We will provide you with details of the incident available to us, including what happened, what information was accessed, what potential or actual harm has occurred from the incident, and what actions we have taken to mitigate and resolve the breach. Please ensure that your key contacts are updated in our system, as we primarily use email to communicate with you.

How does Tekion address changing privacy laws and regulations?

Staying on top of and ahead of developments in privacy law is a key function of our Legal and Privacy teams. Our Legal team, which includes our Privacy team and Data Privacy Officer, continuously monitors updates to applicable privacy laws and regulations, and we work with several top global law firms to implement any changes necessary to our products and business.

However, privacy is the responsibility of our entire company. To that end, our Data Privacy Officer and Legal team work closely with stakeholders across the business, including our Product teams, to implement Privacy-by-Design in our products and to evaluate the privacy implications of any new product features before release.

How does Tekion comply with GLBA, including the Safeguards and Privacy Rules?

GLBA compliance is a high-priority for Tekion. For that reason, we have built features in Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) that allow our customers to meet their GLBA obligations. For instance, ARC allows you to quickly send your privacy notice to customers who finance a vehicle from you and track it in case of an audit.

For more information about how we help dealers comply with GLBA, please see our GLBA overview.